About Me

Hi, I’m Chelsea and my heart longs to encourage christian women in marriage, motherhood, and the mundane, even when it includes brokenness.

If you are anything like me, then you have a huge vision for your life and you go after your goals like a boss.  You are passionate about being a good wife/mother/sister/daughter/friend/employee/ministry leader/volunteer….basically everything.  You love God and want to live the abundant life.

But you find yourself exhausted. Frustrated. Overwhelmed. Broken.

And afraid of being found out.

Why should you read my blog?

Well…because I know a thing or two (or 100) about being broken and not having it all together.  You see, I thought I had it all together and it all came crashing down when I heard these words from my doctor.  

“You have depression”

Of course, I figured she was just wrong and I needed a second opinion.  Besides, I was only having random weird physical symptoms and I wasn’t crying all the time.  I was a strong christian woman.  Besides, I had a husband and two beautiful children at the time, a stable career as a senior internal controls auditor, and I had purchased a home.

The problem was I had been lying to myself about just how together I had it.  My marriage had been going through stuff where divorce was actually an option, I was exhausted trying to do it all and be it all to everyone and everything, and my spiritual life was out of touch with reality.  I even had a miscarriage and then carried on like I didn’t have time to grieve the life that was just lost (while on a church staff planning retreat). I lived a moral life but had completely lost touch with what was going on at a deep soul level because of course, I was a strong christian woman.

It didn’t stop there.

In a matter of a short time span…

  • I was pregnant again
  • separated from my husband (very few people knew about this)
  • in a bad car wreck that totaled my car while 8 months pregnant
  • Hubby was back home to help but my marriage was broken
  • weeks later my mom died unexpectedly 
  • 2 months later my Step-mom passed away
  • My health continued to deteriorate
  • I was pregnant again with boy/girl twins
  • Surprised at birth to learn our daughter had Down Syndrome
  • My infant son died unexpectedly 

You see, I know broken.  This may seem like a LOT, but there is so much more until the present day.

I refuse to wear the mask anymore.  The mask that puts on the face that makes it seem like everything is okay when it is not.  Because you know, if you are a strong christian woman and if you appear weak then you must not have faith.  Or you must not be reading your bible enough or in prayer.

You see I have come to learn that is so far from the truth of God’s word and I want to help other women be free from the pressure to have the appearance of having it all together.  To lean into the part of our stories that do not have the perfect instagram filter.  The real, authentic YOU.

It wasn’t until I was stripped of everything that I thought made me a whole woman.  My identities as a wife, mom, career woman, ministry leader, etc. don’t mean a thing if my security and significance is found there.  My real and true authentic identity can only be found in Jesus Christ. 

My journey is not at the place of arrival….if it were I would be dead.

However, I am trusting that God has gifted me to help other women just like myself who have been derailed or found themselves on the wrong track.

My mission is to join you on the journey to live intentionally and unashamed of who YOU are and the assignment that God has for YOU.  Here you will find real authenticity, grace, encouragement, truth, and a space to breathe and just BE.  A place for true Authentic Christianity.